What is the current cost of trips?

The standard cost for a day trip is currently $25 for members and $30 for non-members. However, in certain cases the cost may differ from the standard. Please refer to the website for more detailed information of up-coming trips, including costs.

How old must a child be to accompany a parent or other adult on a HTC tramp?

This depends very much on both the child and the tramp being considered. We recommend that parents contact the tramp leader to determine the suitability of the tramp for the child in question.

Do children pay the full trip fee?

Children and students are charged 50% of the standard transport costs but full price for all other supplementary costs.

If I drive myself to and from a tramp do I need to pay the club anything?

Since this situation does not arise very often it is not club policy to request any payment from self-driving participants. That said, this is not encouraged as it detracts from the camaraderie of the party.

Who is able to drive the van hired by the club?

Club members who hold a current driver’s licence can call in to CCR (Cross Country Rentals) in Te Rapa and have their name added to the list of authorised drivers for the Hamilton Tramping Club. Once this has been done, that member is able to drive any vehicle hired by the club through CCR. Members are encouraged to do this to increase the club’s pool of available drivers. All divers should follow the  "Expected driving standards" which can be found in the General Information section of this website.

How are vehicle owners compensated if the club opts to use private vehicles for some/all of the transportation for a club trip?

Trip participants are under no obligation to offer their vehicle for use on a club trip. If they do choose to do this for whatever reason, they will not be charged transport costs and can receive up to the advertised trip fees, from any passengers who travel with them.

What is the club’s liability if a private vehicle is damaged whilst being used on an official club trip?

If a private vehicle is used in an official capacity on a club trip and the vehicle is damaged during the trip, the club will meet the cost of the insurance excess up to that charged by the rental agency (currently $500).

Do trip leaders/co-leaders/drivers pay the advertised trip cost?

Yes & No, the Leader is exempt from the standard $25 charge if they wish. They may also pass their exemption on to the driver.  All members are encouraged to contribute to the Club in some way and if a sizeable pool of willing leaders and drivers can be maintained these tasks should not be too onerous for anyone.  However, if substantial personal costs are incurred as part of the pre-trip reconnaissance the Committee will be happy to look at reimbursement on a case by case basis.

How does the club manage pre-paid accommodation costs for overnight stays?

When overnight accommodation (or other activities) needs to be booked as part of a club trip this is managed by the trip leader. They may request that participants pre-pay for this portion of the trip costs as in some cases payments are non-refundable. Should a participant pull out of the trip, they will lose any non-refundable trip costs.

Does the Club own a PLB (personal locator beacon)?

Yes, the Club owns a PLB which is taken on all club trips by the trip leader.